First Home Buyer

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting things you will ever do in your life, being a first home buyer also means this will more most likely be the most expensive purchase in your life.

Getting it right is critical so you get the right house on the right land with the right finance so you can enjoy the right life style.

We have a special arrangement in place with one of Australia’s largest builders to get you started with just $5,000.000 for a house and land package.

Other things you may need to consider as a first home buyer to getting it right.

The 7 costly mistakes to avoid
1. Changing jobs or making a major purchase at the same time as applying for finance.
2. Not getting your finance pre-approved, and leaving everything ‘too late’ when the ‘right’ property is found.
3. Borrowing right up to the amount the lender is prepared to loan you, and then getting over-stretched financially.
4. Letting emotions take over in the negotiation process, and paying too much for the property—or missing an opportunity to negotiate more favourable purchase conditions.
5. Not checking out things such as council zoning, building approvals and restrictive covenants.
6. Buying a ‘do-up’ and then running out of money. Renovation is not a cast-iron route to riches, and if it turns out to cost more than you bargained for, you could be living in squalid circumstances for too long.
7. Forgetting to sort out property insurance well before you move in, and forgetting to tell the utility companies.
To find out if you qualify for the $5,000 gets you started contact one of our licenced finance consultants who will show you how